Managed Services

The term “Managed Services” has become over used lately, so many companies are touting their ability to save you time and money by “letting you focus on your core business while we take care of the nitty gritty details…”. If you’re like us you know the details are the business, the ability to get to an end goal by calling upon the best available resources is what good managers do.

These are our managed services, tried and tested over 18 years of providing them to North America’s largest O.E.M’s, Financial Institutions, and technology resellers.

Imaging, we can work with you to develop custom images for different segments of your user base, test them and certify as stable so you can rest assured that IT is a business enabler in your organisation.

Delivery – we have our own fleet of trucks and we leverage an extensive international network of partners if load size / location requires it: Benefit to you – no delays, projects run on time.

On Site or Remote Data Migration, Wipe or Sanitization – whether your security protocols insist on data bearing assets being processed and verified on site or a secured transport to offsite processing is required, DCR will wipe drives to the standards you stipulate, always adhering to established standards such as D.O.D. or RCMP.

Installation and Functional checks carried out by our vetted and trained personnel, arriving on time, often on off hours, prepared to provide the tools your employees need to carry out their jobs.

Our web portal is a tool that we developed to give you instant access to the status of any task we’re carrying out on your behalf, for example do you need to confirm a particular hard drive was wiped, crushed or do you want to try to retrieve it, use the portal to see it’s status. Initiate a pick up on line, see the residual value donate the proceeds …it all happens here.